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Business Breakthrough
Business Breakthrough


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December 8, 2011

Entrepreneurs - Blame Yourselves For Your Stalled Business

Business Growth expert and Author blows the top off entrepreneurials and small business business management

Los Angeles - business leaders whose companies have been suffering during the recession should take a close look in the mirror before pointing fingers elsewhere.

According to local author and business breakthrough expert Linda Feinholz, businesses can start turning losses into profits by identifying where the real problems exist.

"If your company is suffering from overwhelm, struggling to compete in the marketplace, and concerns about profitability you - the person at the top - can first blame yourself, then create the Breakthroughs that are overdue," says Feinholz, author of Breakthrough - The Success Guide For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners.

The first step, says Feinholz, is to create "a compelling vision and clear goals" that anchor all the activity in your business.

The second step, says Feinholz, is to ensure you're offering exactly what your ideal client is seeking so that you can create a profitable business, rather than a 'busy' one.

The third step, says Feinholz, is to install systems that make sure the right work is getting done with excellence, no matter who is doing it.

"Many times business owners miss the fact that their staff is wasting time, thinking that it's okay to have an open door policy and be continuously interrupted to answer questions. Business owners must learn the 5 Breakthrough Meetings to ensure the right discussions are taking place at the right times, and holding people accountable for getting things done."

As Founder of Feinholz Inc, and Creator of the self-guided program, Linda Feinholz has more than 30 years of experience in business management. She argues that companies need to change their focus from wishing and hoping things will get easier, to learning how to create the Breakthrough results waiting for them.

"Great opportunities are out there, to build a highly profitable business but research shows that they are missed due to the distraction and wasted attention of company leaders. If you want to build a lucrative business AND have the time to devote to what matters most in your life, then you absolutely have to increase your skills as a leader and manager. If not, then you're doomed to spend your entire business life overwhelmed and stalled."

Feinholz says that companies can begin attracting both your ideal clients and highly motivated, innovative team members today by doing the following:

  1. Liberate your time and attention so that YOU focus on your High Payoff activities without distraction
  2. Come up with a compelling business vision that keeps everyone's time, attention and energy focused on achieving your key goals.
  3. Deliver the exact solutions your ideal clients have been craving
  4. Use systems throughout your business that ensure everything is done with excellence no matter who is getting it done
  5. Encourage new ideas from your employees, leveraging their experience and expertise to take your business to its next level

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