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Business Breakthrough
Business Breakthrough


Linda Feinholz

What would YOUR Perfect Tuesday be? Linda's is reading new ideas, traveling the world, talking with clients, debating doing another bungee jump. What's your favorite number? Her's is 1,665 (more about that later).

For over 20 years Linda has helped business owners and professionals figure out what has them stalled, identify the choices they have for getting focused and taught them how to shift into purposeful, High Payoff action to accomplish their vision.

She's the one they call when they're fed up with feeling 'stalled.'

With 30 years of work and study in the fields of business strategy and planning, operations improvement, leadership and mangement performance it has been said that Linda Feinholz has the unique ability to make complex concepts simple, to cut through the fog to identify what has entrepreneurs, business owners and teams stalled, and to inspire and equip her clients with the tools and the skills to make the Breakthroughs that they need and desire to achieve their business and personal goals.

Linda hones in on what really has their progress and success stuck at the side of the road, as opportunities wiz right past them and they miss the potential productivity they could have if only...

She gets her clients back on track and even better, with 5 Keys that create leverage in business:

  • DEFINE - Create a reliable sustainable Focus with a crystal clear VISION and SMART Goals - ensuring all the activity in your business is pulling toward the same goals
  • DESIGN - Eliminate Distractions and "bright shiny object syndrome" with a well-thought out BUSINESS MODEL - that will keep every action aligned with that Vision creating the smoothest path to profitability
  • DEPLOY - Install simplifying and streamlining Systems - so that everything that needs doing gets done with excellence, no matter who is doing it
  • DELEGATE - Assemble a powerful Team - so that you can build the company you dream of with the experience and expertise of others on board
  • DEVELOP - Build the skills, tools and techniques that will prevent your team, and you, from getting stalled on the same issues, in the same way, ever again
Whether Linda's working with Entrepreneurs, Network Marketers, High Level Professionals - these are the areas where they get stuck.

"Having been there myself I became passionate about figuring out how to make it all easier.

"Along the way, I've spent thousands of hours learning the secrets the most successful people use to get high performance and accelerated success for themselves, their teams, and their organizations.

"I've studied the tips, tricks and techniques, and repeatedly distilled and simplified them so that my clients can put them to use immediately!"

And now it's your turn!

She brings them to you so that you can create the same High Payoff results for yourself!

In between working with entrepreneurs and business owners, she's been a contributing editor to How to Value Your Business and Increase its Potential, by Jay B. Abrams, McGraw-Hill, published September, 2004. and a featured author in the Streetwise Small Business Books of Lists, published by Adams Media Publications September, 2006. And most recently A Cup of Cappuccino for The Entrepreneur's Spirit Women Entrepreneurs' Edition, published by Entrepreneur Enterprises, LLC, April 2010.

Her clients have included the management and teams of Disney, Avon and Mattel as well as start-up entrepreneurs, multi-level marketing teams, family-owned businesses and professional service firms.

In addition to working on-site with companies, Linda has created the self-paced program YourBusinessBreakthroughSystem, incorporating laser focused rapid consulting for the folks who are taking action, using the system to learn and incorporate the skills and processes that grow businesses further, faster, easier.

All that experience is now available to you!

Author of Breakthrough - The Success Guide For Entrepreneurs and Business Owners, Linda continues to develop and present a broad range of results-oriented skills training for business, government and corporate teams across the world.

Linda has created Business Accelerator MasterMind Groups, VIP Private Intensive Days and Home Study and Self-Paced Programs for busy professionals who want to build their skills without sitting for endless hours in conferences and class rooms - High Payoff consulting, coaching and programs teach you immediately useable actions to take yourself, your team, your results to the next level.

Linda Feinholz grew up in Geneva, Switzerland and California, received degrees from UC San Diego and The University of Southern California and now lives in Los Angeles. She regularly enjoys long travels overseas, exploring the arts, trying to save her koi from the ravenous herons who frequent her pond, and reading across a wide range of subjects and disciplines. She maintains an active board role in non-profit organizations that make a direct improvement in the lives of people in Los Angeles, the US, and abroad.

Oh, Linda's Favorite Number?

"1,665 - the number of stairs my niece and I walked down together on the first day of our month-long visit in Europe - I love the business I've created because it lets me live a life I adore. LET ME HELP YOU CREATE YOURS!"